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Transforming medical documentation through advanced scanning and digital interaction


Graphium Health is a tech-savvy, healthcare-focused company based in the United States. They specialize in anesthesia information management systems and other health informatics solutions. Their mission is to empower healthcare providers with advanced technology solutions that elevate patient care and streamline administrative processes.


Beam's rapid market validation redefines wireless TV connectivity


For Mersive's innovative Beam product, our mission was to gauge market interest and validate the product concept. We aimed to create a compelling online presence that would seamlessly introduce Beam to potential customers, showcasing its ability to wirelessly connect entertainment devices to any TV without the mess of cables.


Crafting a seamless telehealth experience for weight loss


Alfie aims to revolutionize the weight loss industry with unique medication panels and high-touch care. Headquartered in New York, their mission is to provide personalized weight loss solutions through telehealth.


Transforming the logistics marketplace experience for warehouses and shippers


PopCapacity is a revolutionary platform that matches warehouses with available space to shippers seeking storage and fulfillment solutions. Based out of Alpharetta, their vision is to scale the logistics and supply chain industry with smart technology.


Boxem’s journey to efficient e-commerce fulfillment


Boxem is an e-commerce SaaS provider that aims to simplify the complexities of shipping. They're all about efficiency, time-saving, and elevating the e-commerce game. Based in New York, their mission is to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs to focus more on what they love and less on logistics.

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